Password storage app UI.
4 mins

Video: Best ways to store your passwords

Do you keep your passwords on Post-It notes? There are actually worse ways to store your passwords.
Balloon with eu logo and lock.
6 mins

GDPR 4 years on: How data consent changed the internet

Do you love or hate the “I agree” button? We take a look at how the EU's data privacy law has affected individuals and businesses.
Period tracking app with an eye in the middle.
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Delete your period tracking apps

Find out why these health apps are in the news lately.
Key with a price tag.
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The most dangerous ransomware gang

We explain Conti, the ransomware group that has crippled Costa Rica, U.S. healthcare networks, and major companies.
Phone cases in a bin.
4 mins

What to do with old phone cases

Find out how to reuse or recycle old phone cases and the types of eco-friendly options on the market.
IP address from email
2 mins

Can you find an IP address from an email?

Could someone get your IP address from an email you’ve sent them? Find out whether your privacy is at risk and how to protect yourself.
Entry form with simple password.
6 mins

‘We’re in!’: Best (and worst) password-hacking scenes in movies and TV

Perhaps one of the most frustrating tropes in film and television concerns password cracking. Check out our list of the best and worst!


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